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Had the pleasure of Joe's company while in Sydney for work. Spent the day being shown the trails round Manly Dam...Great fun with a great guide. Joe's lots of fun, and very encouraging..... Definitely do this if you want to experience mountain biking in a great environment.
Steve Miller, Singapore 2017

I’ve recently had the pleasure of one of Joe’s mountain bike tours as part of my buck’s weekend. Most people in the group (we were a group of 15) didn’t have any mountain biking experience and it was a fantastic discovery for all of us. We enjoyed every moment of the tour and I would definitely recommend this experience. Highlights included:
- Joe and his colleagues are friendly, down to earth, supportive, and have excellent senses of humour
- The sense of discovery, achievement and exhilaration (not having done anything like it before): Joe and his team were great at quickly bringing a group of mostly inexperienced riders up to speed and helping us to navigate tracks and slopes that we wouldn’t have otherwise known were even possible for inexperienced riders.
- The natural beauty: Joe and his team took us around Manly Dam and gave us the opportunity to stop at significant look outs and enjoy the view.
A.TANON 2018

“Simply Amazing. One of the best biking experiences I’ve had abroad.” “Joe is clearly a skilled rider and teacher.” “The adventure we had was surpassed only by the quality of Joe’s character and passion!”
 Mo Bhandari,Ontario, Canada 2017


Highly recommend Joe's Mountain Bike Tours to anyone considering going Mountain biking. If you are local or coming from far away and need to experience mountain biking at its best, look no further than Joe. Joe is brilliant not just at taking you through breathtaking trails but also we had some laughs along the way! There is no show like the Joe show! Cant wait for the next trip and hopefully we won't need the training wheels by then!
John Flood, Dee Why, Sydney

Joe took us on some amazing trails, through gumtree  filled single track and wide open limestone formations we saw some wallabies and blue tongue lizards. We were out for about 3 hours and didn't see another rider, it was fantastic to be out in the middle of nowhere.
Omar and Sue Luethi, Switzerland. 2016


First time mountain biking and had a blast!! Joe was patient, encouraging and really knowledgeable. Highly recommended!! Would go again
Che Rie, Western suburbs, Sydney. 2013

Thank you for an outstanding day. I was energized to find MTB trails in the Sydney area of that quality - just 10 minuets from Manly beach. Epic view to Sydney skyline from the track. Your bikes are outstanding for the tracks and you are a great guy to spend time with
Thanks Joe - I will spread the word. Rest assure that I will call next time I am down under

All the best - Thomas (Denmark) 2016

If you're looking to learn proper mountain biking on excellent equipment with a great coach, you've found the right place. At first, my husband and I weren't sure if the money was worth the tour - we were newbies and just wanted to test out biking. We also imagined a big group with the tour leader essentially leading the group on a single track (was that good value?). However the money is very worth the experience. We got 1:1 customised coaching in many types of riding and terrains, pick up and drop off in Manly, snacks, several hours of instruction, top of the line equipment and gear, and best of all Joe! Joe's instincts are spot on - he knows how to encourage and challenge riders of different abilities and varying mental spaces. Thanks Joe for your passion and experience. You pushed us and we are so happy to see where we've come and how much we've learned. Thank you!
Stephanie Y 2019

Mountain biking with Joe and Warren was one of the best experiences we have done! We were complete beginners but Joe and Warren's expert coaching enabled us to feel confident and try things we didn't think possible! They provided detailed instructions, supervised closely and encouraged and motivate us - this helped with getting over any initial fears. The tour was approximately 3 hours and is tailored to your skill set. There are amazing views along and fun tracks along the way from Manly Dam to SeaForth. We had a lot of laughs and fun and would definitely join the tour again!
Nukes Brissie 2019

I booked a tour around the Manly Dam and right from the start when he picked me up at my accomodation I knew this was going to be a great day.
Me and Joe took a 2 hour tour (3 hours including some snacks and chats along the way) which was a great amount for a intermediate biker. He teaches you some tricks and gives you tips along the way as you go. As well as he makes you go again on any part you first might have failed, great coaching!
Definitely worth a try if you up for a new adventure (I never MTB before) or if you want to put your MTB skills on a test. Lovely area, great views and a variety of different difficulties to choose from while biking. 10/10!
Anna B

Great bikes, great coaching....highly recommended! I had a half day tour with Joe and it was great. The bikes were modern and excellently maintained, the coaching was brilliant and the Joe is a great guide.
Martin Clare Hall

Great way get out on a bike for the day! Joe is awesome! I was visiting Sydney on business and thought I'd really like to get out of the city and I love mountain biking but I didn't have anything with me or any transportation... not to worry, Joe can provide the bike, helmet, hydration packs, gloves.. even the snacks! Easy to get to, he picked me up at the Manly ferry terminal and I had so much fun riding around the trails i went back a second day! Lots of trail to choose from and he will tailor it to your ability. Joe is a fantastic guide and instructor and I would definitely recommend him if you are visiting Sydney and want to ditch the city for a day and get out on a bike and have some fun!

Had an absolutely amazing time with Joe. Joe was exceptionally nice and very caring towards us.. took care of all our necessities, ensuring we got quality bikes with efficient suspension/brakes, provided us with all the safety gear and hydration pack, snacks. Joe definitely prioritised our safety, he guided us slowly and patiently and observed our comfort level and customised the route based on our capabilities. We were both first timers on mountain bike, weren't very confident, and certainly not used to the weather, terrains. But thanks to Joe's leadership and motivation we made through several hills, bumps rough huge rocks which we thought we couldn't do. I would totally go with Joe again the next time I visit and certainly recommend people of any level of cycling to join Joe. Such wonderful experience and connection! Psst, there r some very pleasant surprises in the tour too ;)
Juliana Phang

I don't do reviews but on this occasion I felt the need to do one. Coming from the U.K. we have plenty of trails to choose from so I didn't know what to expect. The route that Joe guided me on in the Manly Dam area was awesome. It was up there with some of best black routes I have ridden. This route reminded me of Moab, except you are in a rain forest not desert. If you feel the need for a quality mountain bike ride in Sydney, look no further than Joes Mountain Bike Tours. I guarantee you'll be blown away. Nice one Joe.
Dave Evans

Highly recommend Joe's Mtb tours. Great local knowledge and experience and a fun guy. He has a good range of quality bikes and equipment. I have done a few tours with Joe and will again soon.
Tim Browne

I'm a beginner rider that just wanted to get some great tips while seeing some of Australia's best mountain biking spots.  I have joined a number of Joe's tours and experience is not a pre-requisute, most tracks have a number of ways down, and he has made everyone feel comfortable.  If you want to push your mountain biking or just want to have a friend who's coming to town experience something truly unique, I really really recommend this to all my friends visiting from the UK.
Dean Hindman

Was fun 👍Amazing Trip
Casper S.